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In this EV series class, we focus on the types of batteries/cells and motors currently used in EV’s. The construction of the different designs of lithium-Ion high voltage batteries and how they charge and store energy. We will look at the motor/generator systems. We will dissect motor types used in EV’s and why these types are used for propulsion/braking.

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Welcome to the new training series of Labscope classes. This first in the series course highlights the operation and usage of an Automotive Labscope. With automotive service centres now encountering advance Buss Communication systems along with advanced systems such as Anti-locking Brakes, Body Computer, and more complex Engine Management systems, the Labscope has become a mandatory diagnostic tool next to the Scan Tool and DVOM.

Do you understand what Input Coupling is? Does the term Scope and Trigger remind you of that last customer you just had?


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