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The Toyota RAV compact SUV was first introduced to the North American market in 1995. Since then it has gone through several changes. In this class we will be looking at the 2013 to current model, generation 4. This model uses the 2.5 litre 2AR-FE engine. Early third generation models 2005 to 2012, used the 2AZ-FE 2.4 litre inline 4-cylinder engine. But in 2009 they started using the same 2AR-FE engine used in the current model. The 2AR-FE engine uses variable valve timing to improve performance and fuel economy.

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The 1.9 & 2.0 Litre TDI engines will be discussed Mechanically from its beginnings up to and including its current incarnation with attention paid to items relevant to the technician. Repairs and maintenance specific to the TDI engine are discussed in detail. Engine Mechanical, Fuel, Induction and Exhaust after-treatment are discussed. The TDI engine mechanical and fuel delivery will be explained in detail.   Technical and diagnostic tips and waveform patterns will be discussed as throughout the class as each topic is covered.

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Kia is a part of the Hyundai-Kia Automotive Group, the fourth largest automaker in the world. The Kia Rio & Spectra has been in production by Kia Motors since 2000 and was well received for its styling and affordability. When released it was the least expensive mass produced car to be sold in North America.

This course will provide an introduction to the Kia Rio and Spectra that includes valuable information on the available powertrains, fuel and ignition systems, electrical, communication, special tools needed, TSB’s, and common problems.

Much of the information included may cross over to the other models in the Kia line-up that include: Sorento, Sedona, Sportage, Spectra and Optima.

This course is designed to help the technician become familiar with repairing and diagnosing problems on the Kia Rio, Spectra and other similar models in the Kia line-up.

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Welcome to the Toyota Prius Gen 2 class. This is a very detailed introduction to our Hybrid series of classes. In 2009 there are almost 30 different Hybrid models sold in North America. Toyota has sold more Prius cars then all other Hybrid vehicles combined. Whether or not you believe the Hybrid is the answer to global warming, or the shortage or fossil fuels, Hybrids are out there, and they are becoming more common. So by coming to our Prius course, you can begin learning how to service the most common Hybrid on the road.


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