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The Passive Entry Systems will detail the various passive entry systems on todays’ vehicles. Topics will include Passive Entry Sensors, Antennas and Function Operations. Course will also highlight specialty repairs. When is one manufacturers’ “Multi-Theft” module not an Anti-Theft module at all?

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OBD II standards specify 10 modes of operation for the ECM/PCM. Mode 06 is one of these modes. Manufacturers are required to monitor the emission systems on modern vehicles to ensure they are performing properly. This is done by running a series of tests or Monitors on each system. Some of these tests are Continuous and are always monitoring a system for failures.

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Every facet of Automotive service is changing, and vehicle air conditioning systems are not an exception. This class will feature the HFO R1234yf Refrigerant updates and its limitations. We will discuss the new SAE standard components, equipment, leak detection and safety. TSBs and A/C fault problems.

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This class will take the technician with moderate lab scope experience to an advanced level of comfort interpreting the patterns displayed during testing. "Standard" and "newer" voltage patterns will be reviewed as will ignition primary and secondary including DIS. Scope probes and accessories will be discussed and an overview of the latest available will help the technician glean useful information from their scope. Capture and analysis of waveforms from many vehicle systems will be covered in depth. Pressure/Vacuum transducers will be discussed in depth and transducer patterns will be used for advanced component diagnosis.


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