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This course will begin with a brief review including Hands On of some of the key updates taught in part 1 course like Variable Cam Timing, Electronic Throttle Control and Electronic Returnless Fuel Systems.

Changes to the Electrical System, use of the CAN BUS and the elimination of the GEM will be covered in class.

Operation of the Ignition System and changes to PCM Inputs and Outputs will be highlighted.  Additionally diagnostic and service highlights will be covered for ABS, Airbag, and A/C Compressor controls.  An operational 5.4 model and Labscopes will be used in class. Your welcome to bring your own Labscope. 

In Class

Continually being innovative has allowed the F150 to be the best selling truck for the past 25 years. The new 2004+ F150 has many changes. Variable CAM timing, Electronic Throttle Control, Electronic Returnless Fuel, and other changes will all affect your engine diagnosis and repair. The elimination of the GEM, and the addition of the CAN Bus will change electrical diagnosis and repair. The list of changes continues.

The next two courses we will look at changes made and teach some of the new repairs and diagnostic procedures. This course will include comparisons between the 97-03 F150’s and the new 04-06 F150’s. This material will be covered in two nights. Attendance in one course will not be a prerequisite for attendance in the other course. 

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As a technician you probably feel you are expected to know almost everything there is to know about fixing cars.  While that expectation is somewhat unrealistic, being committed to upgrading in your trade is certainly something to strive for.

Ford uses numerous air management and control systems to provide the vehicle comfort drivers and passengers have come to expect.  Servicing these systems correctly the first time can be a challenge.  This course will provide you with operational and diagnostic information about the air management control systems found in newer Ford vehicles.

Basic refrigeration will be dealt with primarily how it relates to compressor controls.

Specific climate controllers’ inputs and outputs will be covered.

A short review of some of Ford’s multiplexing will be detailed to be able to diagnose the complex Ford HVAC systems.

Manual, Front and Rear systems, Semi Automatic, Electronic Automatic and other variations of current Ford climate controls will be covered in class.

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The 7.3 litre Power Stroke Direct Injection turbocharged diesel has been used in ford And International trucks since 1994. The increasing popularity of this diesel engine in both recreational vehicles and Ford Super Duty trucks has created a new opportunity for the automotive aftermarket. These vehicles are finding their way into our shops for mechanical and driveability diagnostics.

This exciting new course will define development of the 7.3L DIT over the past five years. This course will describe the operation and diagnostics of both mechanical and electronic features of the 7.3 DIT through to 2002. An overview of the new 2003 6.0L is covered. Labscope, Scan Tool Hands-on and a detailed Diagnostic manual included is included.

Due to the length of this course, it is delivered over 2 nights.

In Class

As vehicles continue to get more complex, technicians often specialize in certain areas of repair to be more proficient, If their specialty is an isolated system, then this is an efficient manner in which to repair a vehicle. Today, systems like air conditioning are interrelated with the PCM, the cluster, and the body computer. (Sometime more than one) This makes it more difficult to repair the vehicle with only understanding 1 system. Such is the case with electronic transfer case and 4x4 systems. Ford uses the GEM even in Mechanical Shift on the Fly. With Electronic Shift on the Fly and Automatic transfer cases, the GEM is even more involved. Should the driveline specialist fix the vehicle, or the electronics specialist….. you! 

This course will cover 4x4 transfer case operations, and the GEM’s involvement in providing efficient 4x4 operations. We will primarily deal with 97 and newer pickups and sport utility vehicles. Mechanical Shift On the fly, Electronic Shift on the fly and Automatic 4 Wheel Drive systems will all be taught in class. A working 99 F150 Electronic Shift on the Fly system will be used in class to demonstrate operations and perform some hands on.


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