In Class

Your ability to service Dodge Truck and Import vehicles efficiently will help you to provide the customer satisfaction that your clients have come to expect from you.

This course will cover Dodge Truck engines from V6 to V10, highlight the new electrical systems and fuel management for each engine. A 5.9 Magnum engine prop will allow the students to see "Setting Sync Mode" in class. Understanding these operating principles and unique service procedures will help you to service these vehicles efficiently. 

In Class

This engine management course details Chrysler fuel injection featuring the Dodge Neon with OBD II.  Due to the complex interlinking of the new injection system and OBD II diagnostics, this course will be presented in two parts.  In Part 1, students will learn new features of the Chrysler engine management systems.  The instructor will utilize a Chrysler simulator to illustrate the diagnostic capabilities.  In Part 2 of this course, diagnostics will be covered in much greater detail with OBD II.


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