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Vehicle manufactures compete for sales in an ever-changing high tech and demanding market.  They must continually change or be left behind.  While some changes seem small, others drastically affect vehicle service.  Dodge trucks and sport utility vehicles are no exceptions. This course will cover primarily 96 and newer Dodge trucks and SUV's. Engine service highlights, for the 3.7, 4.7 and the new 5.7 HEMI will be covered in class.  The Fuel Injection and Ignition systems for these engines will be covered. This will include Chryslers new PCM, the Next Generation Controller. These trucks have received major electrical upgrades that every tech should be aware of. While this course is not a multiplexing course, some multiplexing will need to be reviewed in order to understand the huge electrical changes. Also note that the CAN BUS is also used on select Dodge trucks and will be highlighted. The 5.7 HEMI electronic throttle control will also be featured.

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Keeping up with changes in the automotive industry is difficult. The popularity of the Chrysler minivan is uncontested.  They continue to be one of the most popular vehicles on the road and increasingly complex.

Here Is An Opportunity for YOU. 

This course is designed to provide you with practical information and will deal with three major systems found on mid 90s to the early 2000 caravans. The fuel injection portion of this course will cover some changes to PCM inputs and outputs.  The ignition systems for the 2.4, 3.0 and 3.3 engines along with changes in fuel delivery will be detailed.

The ABS portion of this class will include the common ABS system(s) and included will be theory, operation, and diagnosis of the new active wheel speed sensors. Safety, Operation and Diagnosis of Dual Level Deployment Systems will be covered in class.

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When Chrysler introduced their minivan in 1984, a new era in vehicles had just begun. The Chrysler minivan sales grew quickly and have continued to be a large percentage of all Chrysler vehicles sold. The minivans of the 2000's are much more advanced than their predecessors and provide many new service challenges. The engines have continued to change over the years. The electrical system has changed drastically. the number of options and accessories have also drastically Increased.

This course will deal with servicing the Chrysler minivans of the mid 1990's and up to the early 2000's. An overview of changes over the past years will be covered Including engine, electrical, accessory, Injection, Ignition, and other service highlights. The use of the CCD and PCI bus will also be covered in this course.

Note: A Working model of a 2001 and newer Caravan will be used in class to facilitate teaching this course.

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Keeping current with all the changes to late model vehicle can be an overwhelming task. This is especially true when basics like O2 operating voltage changes with the Chrysler next Generation Controller. This Chrysler course will use the L.H. (Intrepid, Concorde) platform as a base for teaching some of the changes. The Information learned in class will not be restricted to the LH car line will be used as a reference point.

We will review fuel Injection and Ignition systems used on the early LH cars. Significant updated like Coil On Plug Ignition will be taught as well. The new LH car engines have some very unique service procedures, which will be highlighted. Controller updates will be taught along with new service procedures. While this is not an OBD II course, some basic OBD II Info will be reviewed allowing the technician to understand diagnostics.

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Customers demand and expect your shop to repair all electrical accessories such as headlights, door locks, wipers, Instrument cluster and air conditioning are a short list of BCM Controls.

In 1988 Chrysler Introduced the BCM on their luxury vehicles. Presently almost all Chrysler Cars and Trucks Including the Neon are Equipped with BCM.  When BCM were Introduced, Chrysler used a CCD bus system to communicate between the various computers and has since upgraded the system to the new PCI bus.  Upon completion of this course the student will be able to understand and diagnose the Chrysler BCM and PCI Data Bus System.   


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