INJ-145 Toyota Fuel Injection featuring Camry

Toyota Cars are the biggest sellers in North America. The Toyota Camry was the leader in passenger cars sales 1997-2000. This course will focus on the Camry years from 1992-2001 and will include unique features of fuel delivery and Toyota Ignition systems. Understanding this vehicle Fuel Management system and repair procedures will help service these vehicles efficiently. Much of the content is also applicable to other Toyota vehicles such as Avalon, Solara, Sienna, Lexus ES300, the four cylinder Celica, and the new Highlander with a V6. 


  1. Introduction to Toyota Camry
  2. Camry Mechanical highlights 
    • 5S-FE 4 cylinder & 1MZ-FE V6
    • Including mechanical valve lifter shim selection.
  3. Describe Unique Inputs and Outputs
  4. Describe & Diagnose Fuel Delivery Systems, Including Acoustic Control Induction System (ACIS) and the Vane Air Flow meter (VAF) on the 3VZ-FE V6. 
  5. Describe & Diagnose Distributor Ignition Systems, Including the distributor for both the 3VZ-FE and the early 5S-FE and the simultaneous distributorless for the later 5S-FE and 1MZ-FE. 
  6. Diagnostics, Recalls and Bulletins 

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