INJ-120 OBD II Evap Emission Diagnostics

OBD II engine management systems are required to monitor evaporative (Evap) Emissions. These systems are utilized in all 1995 and newer OBD II vehicles. OBD II mandates that the PCM  not only monitors the Evap system, but also performs self test diagnostics which in some models have an air pump to pressurize the entire system including the fuel tank.

The student will be able to diagnose and repair these systems upon completion of this course.


  1. Describe Fuel Characteristics
  2. Describe Basic Evap and fuel tank Emission systems
  3. Describe the 4 Ford Evap Emission Systems
  4. Perform Evap Diagnostics & Repair procedures for Ford
  5. Describe Chrysler Evap Emission Systems
    1. Without leak detection pump
    2. With leak detection pump
  6. Perform Chrysler Evap Diagnostic and Repair Procedures
  7. Describe GM  Evap Emission Systems
    1. without Enhanced Evap system
    2. with Enhanced Evap system
  8. Perform GM Evap Diagnostic and Repair Procedures
  9. Perform Evap Emission Diagnostics utilizing a training simulator
  10. Common Problems and Technical Service Bulletins


GM, Ford and Chrysler all require expensive diagnostic tools. The student will be able to overcome this cost by building their own diagnostic tools demonstrated during the course for most vehicles.


« Tightening the Gas cap is not the only OBD II Evaporative Diagnostics you will have to perform! » 

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