INJ-102 Automotive Electronics

The Principles of electronics is the foundation to correctly diagnosing and repairing today’s high tech vehicles. With all manufactures going to Body Computer Systems to Control all Electrical functions on vehicles along with sharing of sensor data. With complicated network systems between the vehicle computers, the principles of electronics are now even more important. Most vehicle electrical repair is pinpointed by the use of a DVOM or Labscope and interpreting schematics.

Students can bring their own DVOM’s and Labscopes.


  1. Fundamentals of Electricity
    • Electron Theory
    • Voltage, Resistance, Amperage, Wattage
    • Ohms Law
  2. Multi Meters
    • How to use high Impedance Meters
    • How to use Low Impedance Meters
    • How to use Labscopes                                                      
  3. Series Circuits 
    • Describe Series Circuit Theory
    • Assemble & Test Series Circuits 
  4. Parallel Circuits 
    • Describe Parallel Circuit Theory
    • Assemble & Test Parallel Circuits
  5. Series Parallel
    • Describe Series Parallel Circuit Theory
    • Assemble & Test Series Parallel Circuits
  6. Describe Electromagnetism, Capacitance
  7. Schematic Interpretation Skills
    • Understanding Schematics
    • Diagnostics with Schematics 

This class Is designed for Starting to Intermediate level of technicians and review for Advanced Technicians 

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